50-50 charitable raffle 

Join our on-line 50-50 charitable raffle and help the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital in the quest to improve and upgrade medical and patient care equipment in the hospital. With the purchase of every ticket, you have a chance to win the lottery and the Hospital is one-step closer to our fundraising goals.


Draw #2 is now open 




50/50 Lottery




Draw #1


  Early Bird Draw Winner

Early Bird Draw Winner

Draw #1 Winner

50/50 Lottery   50/50 Lottery 50/50 Lottery Draw 1 Winner 
 Kim Riddell, winner of the $500 gift certificate to Fountain Tire, Ticket # A-1032198 Tyson Schmachtel, winner of $250 gift certificate for IGA Red Lake, Ticket # A-1494905Lorrie Ranger of Balmertown. She won the grand prize of $31,148.