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Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital


Get Adobe Multi-year Accessibility Plan (.pdf-updated Dec.31,2012)

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Our Commitment to Accessibility

We are committed to preventing, identifying and removing barriers that impede an individual's access to care and services, or to work here.

The Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital offers the following accessible services:

Accessible Entrances

  • All entrances are accessible, at ground level and without curbing.
  • All entrances are equipped with automatic and/ or sliding doors.

Accessible Parking

  • Two designated wheelchair accessible parking spaces are available near the main entrance to the hospital on the upper parking level.

Accessible Washrooms

  • Washrooms located in the patient rooms, emergency department, laboratory, diagnostic imaging and outpatient waiting room are accessible.
  • Public accessible washrooms are marked with the symbol to the right.
  • Faucets in the patient’s washrooms are handsfree.

Amplified Telephones

  • Telephones have volume controls to amplify the sounds.

Easy Access Doors

  • All patient room doors are equipped with glide latches for easy opening and closing.
  • The main lobby entrance and waiting room doors feature automatic opening.


  • Available in all main hallways.

Service Animals

  • Persons with disabilities may enter the premises accompanied by their service animal and keep that animal with them in areas/premises that are open to the public, unless the animal is otherwise excluded by legislation. For specifics, please see our policy on service animals.


  • Available at the Main Entrance and the Emergency Department
  • Extra wide wheelchairs are available.


  • The main signage within the facility utilizes raised lettering, Braille and pictograms.

Fire Alarm System

  • Our fire alarm system incorporates an audible tone with flashing strobe lights.


  • Televisions in patient rooms come with adjustable volume control and closed captioning.

The Nursing Station

  • The nursing station desk has been modified to wheelchair height.

Community Feedback

We invite you to help us improve accessibility at the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital by sharing your questions, concerns or comments on the way we provide care and services to people with disabilities in an accessible manner.

All feedback should be directed to the Professional Practice Coordinator, our Accessibility Coordinator. Feedback from customers may be received in person, in writing, by email, telephone, by disk or by another method determined by both parties.

Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital
Box 5005
Red Lake, ON.
Tel: (807) 727-2231

To send feedback by email: redlakehospital%23ca|accessibility


Policies/Reports to Download/View: 

Accessibility ActAODA Accessibility Report 2013 (.pdf - December 2013)

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-10 / Accessibility Policy and Planning, May 2015

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-01 / Accessible Customer Service, August 2016

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-02 / Assistive Devices, August 2016

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-06 / Communication, August 2016

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-09 / Emergency Response Planning for Employees with Disabilities, May 2015

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-07 / Notice of Temporary Disruption in Services, August 2016

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-03 / Service Animals, August 2016

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-05 / Staff Training, August 2016

Accessibility ActADM-AODA-IAS-04 / Support persons, August 2016


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Ontario North West Local Health Integration Network

Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital is proudly funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Community and Social Services/Ministry of Child and Youth Services.