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Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital

Admissions & Visiting

Your doctor will write admission orders outlining the specific care that is to take place during your stay. Shortly upon your arrival to the hospital, a nurse will sit with you and/or your family member and complete an admission history including a patient profile. Other health care professionals may have already asked some of these questions, but it is important to give the information to your nurse again. Together you and your nurse will plan the care that you will require during your stay. Plans for your discharge will be started at this time and the outcomes expected of your care will be noted on the care plan.

Should you require any operative procedures, invasive procedures or the administration of blood products, a detailed consent will be obtained at that time. Before you sign the consent, you or your substitute decision maker must ensure that you have received information about the procedure including any questions you may have and the risks/benefits.



Patients are normally assigned to a semi private room on admission. Please notify your nurse on admission whether you have additional insurance coverage. 

Placement in a private room is based on availability and could result in additional charges if placement is based solely on a patient request.


We have an "Open visitors Policy" which means that visits are allowed at any time of day.

At the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital, we recognize that family members, friends, and loved ones are an essential part of the Health Care Team. Therefore, we have unrestricted visiting hours, provided that the visitor has been approved by the patient.  We ask all visitors to follow these guidelines: 

Visiting guidelines
  • Always check in at the Nursing Station to sign-in and to make sure the patient is available at that time.
  • Visitors should use Self-Screening and if feeling unwell, present any flu like or other infectious disease symptoms, should not visit the hospital to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Children under 14 years old must be supervised at all times.
  • We recommend no more than 2  visitors at any one time, larger groups may be arranged in advance in collaboration with the patient and Care Team. Special consideration shall be taken in case of shared accommodation and alternate visiting spaces can be arranged.
  • Visiting time may be interrupted to provide patient care or to protect the safety and privacy of the patients.
  • Pets and/or animal-assisted-therapy are permitted; visit must be pre-arranged with the patient and Care Team.
  • All visitors must follow Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital Safety and Security Policies that apply:



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Ontario North West Local Health Integration Network

Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital is proudly funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Community and Social Services/Ministry of Child and Youth Services.