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Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital


The Board of Governors at the Red Lake MCM Hospital would like to make available to the public the minutes, bylaws, policies and procedures; other reports are also available.

To access the document click on the corresponding link.  

Year File Name
September 25, 2018 Minutes Minutes
May 22, 2018 Minutes Minutes
April 24, 2018 Minutes Minutes
March 27, 2018 Minutes Minutes
February 27, 2018 Minutes Minutes
January 23, 2018 Minutes Minutes
November 29, 2017 Minutes Minutes
October 23, 2017 Minutes Minutes
September 26, 2017 Minutes Minutes
AGM June 13, 2017 Minutes Minutes
May 30, 2017 Minutes Minutes
April 25, 2017 Minutes Minutes
April 4, 2017 Minutes Minutes
February 2017 Minutes Minutes
January 2017 Minutes Minutes
November 2016  MinutesMinutes
October 2016  MinutesMinutes
September 2016 Minutes Minutes
AGM: June 2016 Minutes Minutes
Policies & Procedures / Other Reports
Year File Name
Corporate By-Laws, June 2018
ByLaws View Corporate By-Laws
Annual Director Declaration and Consent, May 2017 ByLaws Policy BG-DIR-09
Appendix A - Annual Declaration and Consent, May 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-09 A
Accessibility Policy & Planning, September 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-ACC-06
Board and Committee Attendance, April 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-02
Board Chair Job Description, April 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-JD-04
Board Code of Conduct, February 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-03
Board Representation, October 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-11
Broader Public Sector Perquisites, January 2018 ByLawsPolicy BG-ACC-02
CEO Job Description, January 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-JD-03
Chief of Staff Job Description, April 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-JD-02
Committee Principles, Rules & Regulations, February 2018 ByLawsPolicy BG-MTG-04
Communication and Support to the Board, Executive Limitations, November 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-CEO-03
Compensation and Benefits, Executive Limitations, November 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-CEO-04
Complaints Regarding CEO and Chief of Staff, January 2018 ByLawsPolicy BG-CEO-01
Confidentiality, February 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-01
Conflict of Interest, March 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-06
Consent Agenda, April 2016 ByLawsPolicy BG-MTG-02
Director Selection, October 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-05
Education and Professional Develepment, March 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-10
Election of Directors, April 2016 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-08
Emergency Response Planning for Employees with Disabilities, May 2015 ByLawsPolicy BG-ACC-05
Ethics Integration into Clinical and Business Practice, September 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-ACC-04
Investment Policy Statement, March 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-FIN-01
Meetings without management, January 2018 ByLawsPolicy BG-MTG-01
Open Board Meetings, May 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-MTG-03
Policy Reviews Process, January 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-ACC-03
Policy Reviews Schedule, July 2018 ByLawsView Schedule
Procurement of Services and Supply Chain Code of Ethics, November 2013 ByLawsPolicy BG-CEO-06
Protection of Assets, Executive Limitations, November 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-CEO-02
Recruitment and Nomination Process, October 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-07
Significant Service Changes, Executive Limitations, January 2018 ByLawsPolicy BG-CEO-05
Statement of the Roles and Responsibilities, March 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-DIR-04
Travel, Meal, and Hospitality Expenses, October 2016 ByLawsPolicy BG-FIN-02
Travel Support for Ear Falls Board Members, October 2016 ByLawsPolicy BG-FIN-03
Director Role Description, February 2018 ByLawsPolicy BG-JD-01
Whistleblower Policy, September 2017 ByLawsPolicy BG-ACC-01



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Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital is proudly funded by the Government of Ontario through the Ministry of Community and Social Services/Ministry of Child and Youth Services.