Strategic and Annual Reports

Strategic Plan

At Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital, we believe it is essential to develop our strategic priorities ensuring to address unique rural healthcare challenges and opportunities for integration and collaboration, that empower us to provide access to quality care within the community with fewer barriers.  Along with the Healthcare Blueprint developed by the North West Local Health Integration Network aimed to strengthen and transform health care in Northwestern Ontario; we utilize information obtained from evidence-based research, catchment population, community health profile and engagement from patients, community and staff to establish our top priorities which will determine our strategic direction.

Our RLMCMH Strategic Plan provides guidance on our journey to advance the provision of healthcare services for the benefit of our patients and community partners in Red Lake.  

Strategic Plan 2016-2019



Annual Reports

The annual reports provide a "current status" relative to our Strategic Plan direction.  To access our current and previous reports check our list below.