Meet the RLMCMH Team


October 19-23 was Pharmacy Week, in Canada!

Staff membersRLMCMH is lucky enough to have two Pharmacy staff on site—Rhea, Pharmacy Assistant, and Rey, Registered Pharmacy Technician (also Pharmacy Manag-er). Happy Pharmacy Week, Ladies — we are so happy to have you on our Team!

The Hospital Pharmacy is a busy place. The Pharmacy staff are responsible for fill-ing Hospital medication orders for all patients, for mixing & compounding medications, and for maintaining and ordering inventory. This job requires an in-credible level of attention to detail, as well as constant planning and monitoring. Pharmacy staff work very closely with the Nursing Department, as well as consult regularly with the Regional Pharmacist that is based out of TBRHSC. There can be many challenges to running a Hospital Pharmacy in a rural and remote location, especially during a global pandemic. Recommendations for treatment are constantly changing with new research developments and the Pharmacy must keep on top of this — and be prepared for an outbreak at all times.

Working in the Hospital Pharmacy is also a rewarding experience. The Pharmacy Staff are a critical part of the Care Team….Rey notes that the best part of her job is helping to provide local services to people that face difficult health challenges — for example, the Hospital Pharmacy plays a significant role in the delivery of chem-otherapy to local oncology patients. These patients would otherwise have to trav-el great distances to receive care.

A big thank-you to our dedicated Pharmacy Team! We couldn’t do it without you.