Expanded Testing guidelines script Hi everyone, Lisa Habermehl here on June the 8th on a mosquito infested walk, doing a video, aiming to keep Red Lake and Ear Falls up to date on COVID related happenings. I thought I talked about the expanded testing guidelines what that means for the Red Lake Covid Assessment Unit. In a follow up video, I chatted little bit about things that employers might want to keep in mind as they think about how COVID might impact their workplace and business. Testing people and identifying those positive for COVID-19 can limit spread of the virus by allowing isolation of those who carry the virus, tracing their close contacts and isolating those individuals as well. This usually happens by few weeks at a time. This way, the virus is deprived of the chance to move from one person to another. As was the case already, anyone with symptoms of covid strongly encouraged to consider testing. That remains the same. But new testing guidelines have allowed the Red Lake COVID Unit to offer testing to other people without symptoms. We can offer a test if you are concerned you've been exposed to COVID or if your job, volunteer work or living situation puts you at increased risk of contact with the virus. I think about people like grocery clerks, restaurant workers and police, among many others, as people who interact with the general public and may have difficulty maintaining physical distancing. In Red Lake and Ear Falls, if you are concerned you've been exposed or you have symptoms that could be COVID, we ask that you call the COVID Unit at 727-7035 Sunday through Thursday, 9 -2 just speak with staff and arrange a swab. If you are thinking about testing because you're at increased risk of exposure, but have no symptoms or no contacts, please visit redlakehospital.ca/Covid19 for more information about how you can request an appointment by email. So, in a nutshell, if you've got COVID symptoms, call. If you're concerned you've been exposed, call. That number is 727-7035. If you only want to test because you are at higher risk of exposure, visit redlakehospital.ca/Covid19 for the details on the email booking method. At the end of the day, testing is a tool. Here's a not so subtle reminder that the toolbox kit also includes maintaining a physical distance of at least 2 m from other people, handwashing and cleaning surfaces frequently and properly wearing personal protective equipment appropriate for the environment that you're in. You can peek back on my other videos about what's involved in the testing or how COVID spreads, among other topics, if you're interested. Talk soon. Back to feed the mosquitoes.