Fundraising Activities

Red Lake 50-50 Lottery


Join our on-line 50-50 charitable raffle and help the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital in the quest to improve and upgrade medical and patient care equipment in the hospital. With the purchase of every ticket, you have a chance to win the lottery and the Hospital is one-step closer to our fundraising goals.


Active Campaigns


“Show Your Hospital Some Love” campaign, February 2021 raises $50,568


The RLMCH Foundation is grateful to the individuals and businesses who supported our direct appeal for donations in February.



Businesses and individuals in Red Lake and beyond responded with open hearts to the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Hospital Foundation’s appeal for funds for RL Hospital Laboratory equipment! The February appeal raised an astonishing $50,568 in six weeks.


In February 2021, the Foundation launched a direct appeal campaign to businesses and individuals in Red Lake. The “Show Your Hospital Some Love” appealed for funds to purchase a specialized piece of laboratory equipment, the CellaVision.


Forty-five individuals/families donated approximately $30,000. Included in the $30,000 was a donation by a community member of $19,000 in stocks which was converted into cash upon transfer to the hospital. A process for the donation of shares can be found on the Foundation’s website. Eighteen businesses donated $15,600, the Royal Canadian Legion in Red Lake donated $5000, money raised through the poppy fund. The cumulative total demonstrates the power of individuals, businesses and organizations coming together to support a common cause.


Click here to view the list of donors.


Replacement of X-ray Diagnostic Equipment:


The hospital is moving ahead with plans to remove the present x-ray equipment and replace it

with digital technology in 2021. The new technology will result in direct transfer of x-ray images

to radiologists and healthcare providers. The cost of replacing both the room-based x-ray equipment and the portable x-ray equipment is $777,000.

With the generous support of many corporate and individual donors, the Foundation has donated $500,000 towards this cause. Other community partners have also contributed. We are on the homestretch, with the goal of raising the final $80,000 in 2021.


Stress EKG Equipment:


Cardiac stress test system with treadmill and blood pressure module.


Previous Campaigns

  • Food Warming Equipment (2019) --$23,000
  • Bili-light (2018) – $11,205
  • Washer Disinfector for Medical Device Reprocessing Department – October 2018 $39,000
  • Laboratory blood analyzer replaced - March 2016
  • Laboratory microscope replaced - March 2016

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