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Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital (RLMCMH) was created to help meet the healthcare and wellbeing needs of the Red Lake and Ear Falls communities, the people who live here and the ones who visit. We are fortunate to have a team of dedicated employees, physicians, volunteers and donors whose primary focus is providing excellence in rural health care. We are strident in our efforts to keep these services within our community and to ensure those services meet or exceed industry standards for quality of care.


Together with our staff and community partners, we ensure to comply and apply the principles that drive us in everything we do:


Vision Statement

Working Together For Excellence in Northern Healthcare.


Mission Statement

Compassionate, quality care - every patient, every time.


Our Values

Our values



Our Pillars and Goals  




Our 2024-27 Priorities

Our Priorities



Our 2024-27 Strategic Plan 

Our Strat Plan