Tender awards and rFP

Procurement Process

Procurement of services, supplies and hiring of consultants must be done following current Broader Public Sector (BPS) legislation; organizations which include hospitals must be accountable for the results of their procurement decisions and the appropriateness of procedures followed.   Buying power must be leveraged through group purchasing initiatives to achieve economies of scale. Processes must be standardized and transparent to the public. BPS organizations must maximize the value they receive from the use of public funds. BPS procurement activities are also governed by legislation and other trade agreements. 


Find here our Procurement Mandatory Requirements.


We are also a member of the Northern Supply Chain collaboration, which was established in 2011 to drive cost efficiencies and standardization for health care in the North.  They provide support for the needs of the Members and Customers through a wide range of services in all areas of Supply Chain Management; to achieve value driven outcomes through innovative, collaborative procurement which ultimately leads to quality health care for our patients and clients. 


Current Opportunities

The following is a list of RFP (or bid and tender) opportunities. Each RFP document provides the closing time and submission instructions. The RFP document is the official document. Sometimes the information provided on this website is different than the information on the RFP document. In all cases, the information on the RFP document will prevail.


Submit to contracts or contact 807-727-3800.


There are NO open opportunities at this time.