About Red Lake Ontario

Red Lake Boat launch, Aurora Borealis. Picture by Mauricio Neri ©


 Red Lake Boat launch, Aurora Borealis. Picture by Mauricio Neri ©


Family, friends and visitors alike can enjoy a clean, safe environment with friendly people everywhere who always welcome newcomers and can participate or volunteer in the many organizations, festivals and culture rich activities that ensure we all enjoy what this town has to offer. Visit for a visitor’s brochure.

Red Lake is a municipality with town status in the Canadian province of Ontario, located 535 kilometres northwest of Thunder Bay and less than 260 kilometres from the Manitoba border. For more information visit the Municipality website and for activities and things to do.

The name of the town comes from a local legend of two men from the Chippewa tribe who stumbled across a large moose, they believed posed an “evil spirit”. They then proceeded to kill the moose, its blood drained into the lake, turning it the color of blood, which gave the area its name. Learn more of  about Red Lake history visit the Red Lake Heritage Center.

The three primary sources of employment in Red Lake are mining-industry, logging and a tourism specializing in hunting, fishing and outdoor activities all year round. As an interesting fact; in 1995 it was discovered that Red Lake houses the richest grade gold ore in the world, since then, the mine has become one of the richest gold mines in the world. For current job opportunities visit the Career and Employment Services.

Red Lake is known as the "Norseman Capital of the World", referring to the Noorduyn Norseman aircraft which played a significant role in the development of the area; during the gold rush more Norseman planes can be found here than anywhere else in the world. An annual Norseman Festival is celebrated to honour this part of our heritage.

As a passenger and tourism hub for Northwestern Ontario, Red Lake acts as a central location for many supplies and services for over twenty northern fly-in communities out of YRL airport. For more forms of check transportation.