Organizational Structure

The Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital is a registered Non-for Profit corporation and is governed by a voluntary Board of Governors, 10 elected members of the community and 4 ex-officio members including the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Nursing Officer, the Chief of Medical Staff and the President of Medical Staff. They provide the strategic direction the hospital must take, to meet the demands of the community and to ensure services are provided within the highest quality and safety standards.

The Senior Leadership Team directs and controls the overall operations of RLMCMH; they are responsible for planning, managing, and evaluating the delivery of care and all related aspects of day to day operations.

Hospital Funding in Ontario - A Quick Overview

The main source of hospital funding is government funding, which flows from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to the Local Health Integration Networks.  The LHIN's are responsible for planning health services and overseeing the integration and coordination of local health services to make it easier for clients/patients to access the care they need. Red Lake is located within the Northwest Health LHIN 14.

Provincial funding covers approximately 75% of the operating costs for hospitals. Other sources of revenue include revenue-generating activities, other government sources (e.g. Federal funding, inter-provincial healthcare, WSIB and private, etc.), grants and charitable donations. 

Go to the Northwest LHIN website and find more about northwestern Ontario LHIN and current Health Blueprint .