Senior Leadership Team



Leadership Team


 Sue LeBeau

President & CEO (See here Contract)

Ph: 807-727-3800


Hannah Kochuk

Executive Assistant 
Ph: 807-727-3801


Meghan Gilbart

Chief Nursing Executive

Ph: 807-727-3803


Amanda Kaczmarek

Director of Risk Management & Patient Relations

Ph: 807-727-3804

Jennifer Sanna-White

Manager of Laboratory Services

Ph: 807-727-3802

Janine Maxwell

Manager of Nursing Services

Ph: 807-727-3830

Rey Baudry 

Manager of Pharmacy 

Ph: 807-727-3806


Pearl Fleming

Human Resources Manager
Ph: 807-727-2231, ext 306


Alex McAuley

Chief Financial Officer
Ph: 807-223-8201 ext 2256