Senior Leadership Team


Sue LeBeau

President & CEO

Ph: 807-727-3800 



Meghan Gilbart

Chief Nursing Executive

Ph: 807-727-3803




Alex McAuley

Chief Financial Officer

Ph: 807-223-8201 ext 2256



Amanda Kaczmarek

Director of Risk Management & Patient Relations

Ph: 807-727-3804 

Deikel Orocu

Information Systems & Technology Manager

Ph: 807-727-3809


Since 2010, Deikel has held the position as Information & Technology Manager.  Applying her skills and knowledge in the fields of Industrial and Computer Sciences Engineering, to meet and exceed applicable standards and the ever growing demands of the healthcare sector.

Deikel is originally from Costa Rica, she came to Canada to further her education. She was hired by the RLMCM Hospital as the Information Systems & Network Administrator, later on she took the role as IT/Finance Administrator for several years; in which she led several Major Projects, Capital Planning and Initiatives in the Finance and Technology departments.



Jennifer Sanna-White


Manager of Laboratory Services
Ph: 807-727-3802




Manager of Nursing Services
Ph: 807-727-3830

Rey Baudry

Manager of Pharmacy & Environmental Services

Ph: 807-727-3806


Since 2015, Rey has held the position of Manager of Pharmacy and Environmental Services. She recently took on the role of Sterile Compounding Supervisor and oversees the Quality Assurance Program for our Oncology program.

In May 2005, Rey occupied the position of Pharmacy Technician at the Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital. She has also spent time within community healthcare in the Red Lake District Diabetes Program, the Red Lake Community Pharmacy and in the Red Lake Family Health Team.