Patient Feedback

The Patient Relations Office is available to support you and your family through your hospital experience by addressing compliments, concerns, questions or suggestions about your care and service. Your feedback is important to us and helps us know what we are doing well and what opportunities we have for improvement.


How we Can Help You:

  • We listen and provide support
  • We facilitate communication with your health care team.
  • We explain hospital processes and policies.
  • We review concerns through a standard process and share improvements with you
  • We ensure your feedback is shared with the leaders in the organization. 


Here you can find our full Patient Relations & Complaints Process Policy.

What to do if you have a concern or feedback:

If you have feedback during your hospital stay, we encourage you to first speak with your nurse, attending physician or nurse manager. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, ask to speak with the Director Risk Management and Patient Relations. If you still have a concern following this, please contact the Chief Nursing Officer or the Chief Executive Officer (contact information here).


You can also fill out an online complaints/compliments formYour compliment or concern will be acknowledged within 72 business hours of receipt, indicating the initial course of action and an expected period of investigation and response. Patient feedback is key to evaluation of services and ensuring change that enhances quality care.

Patient Surveys:

“We Care About What You Think” 


After being released from the hospital, you may receive a survey in the mail. We participate in continuous patient satisfaction surveys and the Board of Directors reviews the results. Your input helps us improve your care.

RLMCMH Inpatient Experience Survey:

Contact Patient Relations Office:


Director of Risk Management & Patient Relations
Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital
P. O. Box 5005, Red Lake, Ontario POV 2MO
Tel: (807) 727-3804 Fax: (807) 727-2923