Your visit or stay


Hospital staff are trained in safety measures. Your safety is of the utmost priority to us. While you are in the hospital, if you notice anything that appears unsafe, please notify a member of your health care team.

Routine fire drills are practiced. In the rare event of a fire, a member of your health care team will give you further instructions to follow.


Staff are required to identify themselves. All employees are issued an identification badge that they are required to wear. This identification badge assures you that the person delivering your care is a hospital employee.

Arm Band


As a patient in the hospital, it is important to be correctly identified. You will be required to wear an identification bracelet at all times. Always identify yourself before undergoing a procedure.


Patient Meal Services

Meals are brought to your room at these times:
Breakfast - 7:30 a.m.
Lunch - 11:30 a.m.
Supper - 4:30 pm 


CCTV Surveillance


These premises are under 24 hr video surveillance for patients, visitors and staff safety and security. This hospital has zero tolerance towards abusive or violent behaviour, if necessary police will be notified.

Electrical Equipment


To protect you and the premises from fire hazards, electrical equipment such as fans, Televisions, or lamps are not permitted inside the hospital. In special circumstances electrical equipment, which is CSA approved and has been inspected by our Maintenance Department, will be allowed. Please advise your nurse of any electrical equipment you have with you.


Televisions are available free of charge.  We have 32" LG Flat screens mounted on each room, double occupancy have one for each bed.  TV's have access to Shaw basic cable channels lineup.


Telephones are available free of charge in each patient room for local phone calls only. Dial “9” to access an outside line. For long distance phone calls it is preferable that patients use a calling card and place the call from the Lobby telephone. If a calling card is unavailable, the patient may dial “0” on their phone which rings to the Nursing Station where someone will contact the operator and transfer to the patient’s phone.


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