The RLMCMH pharmacy is proudly accredited through the Ontario College of Pharmacists and provides pharmacy services for the inpatient, emergency, and oncology departments. The Pharmacy works collaboratively with the physicians and other health care professionals as well as a Regional Pharmacist at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center. With their extensive knowledge and expertise, the Pharmacy provides medication information and recommendations to the medical staff and the patients.

The Pharmacy uses a unit dose system for the packaging of medications and automated dispensing cabinets for secure storage. This method of medication distribution is advised as the most systematic and precise delivery system.

Chemotherapy treatments are prepared on site and verified by the Pharmacy team and the Oncology RN. The patients are carefully followed by the Oncologists at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Center.


Direct Line to department at (807) 727-3806. 


Pharmacy hours are Monday to Friday, 7am- 3pm. The department is closed on the weekends and holidays.