X-Ray and Ultrasound Diagnostic Services

About us:

Our X-Ray and Ultrasound departments are staffed with 2 Full Time Technologists (one for each department). Exams are scheduled according to priority; which at times affects appointment availability and wait times.


Patients are seen in this priority order:
  1. Emergency/Inpatient Care
  2. Patients with appointments
  3. Walk-ins (must have a doctors requisition)

    Hours of Operation:

    Outpatients: 8:00 am to 4:00pm, Monday through Friday.

    Emergencies: On Call 24hrs 7 days a week
    Location: Main Floor East End.

    Making an Appointment:

    When your physician orders your X-ray or ultrasound examination:

    Call (807)-727-3828 to book an appointment
    or ...
    Text your full legal name to 807-728-2420 to request the next available appointment. Voice calls will not be answered on this device
    Make sure to have your requisition handy; you will be required to provide test requirements to the technologist when booking

    Day of your appointment:

    You must bring your Health Card and doctor’s requisition with you.

    Please make sure you have followed any preparation given to you in order to ensure result accuracy.


    Enter the building through the outpatient entrance across from the helipad from 8-12 and 1-3:30. Our registration clerk will be there to greet and guide you.