Overview of Services

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The Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital is an 18-bed hospital in the northwest corner of Ontario. Located 2 hours north of the TransCanada Highway, 2.5 hours from the next nearest hospital and 550 km from the nearest tertiary care centre (Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre). This remote and rural location offers many challenges and opportunities for health service providers.

We serve the communities of Red Lake (Balmertown, Cochenour, McKenzie Island and Madsen/Starrat Olsen), Ear Falls and Wabauskang First Nation with a combined population of 4,094 residents (2021 census).

The hospital employs 130 full-time, part-time and casual employees, together, with a full complement of 7 physicians, we provide 24-hour emergency care, inpatient acute and chronic care and low-risk obstetrics. We also have a busy telemedicine program, provides chemotherapy for oncology patients and endoscopy services in collaboration with a visiting specialist. Our multidisciplinary team includes laboratory, diagnostic imaging, ultrasound, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nutrition counselling and diabetes education. The Red Lake Hospital also offers mental health and addictions counselling through collaboration with the Community Counselling and Addictions Services, located off-site.