Warmest welcome to our Hospital and our website!


One of the utmost privileges is to be entrusted to compassionately walk with patients and families during their times of sadness and joy. It is why I chose to become a nurse, and later, a leader of healthcare teams. I am energized and honoured to have been invited to lead Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Memorial Hospital’s caring Team. I am also pleased to live in Red Lake’s welcoming and naturally beautiful community.


Our Team’s purpose is simple: to listen and be present for you as we work together to help you achieve your best health in a safe, caring environment.


The quality of your Hospital experience matters to me. I read and appreciate the feedback you provide to make your Hospital experience even better. Your feedback has been very positive, and matches with what I see in our Board, Staff and Physicians: warmth, smiles, attention to quality, safety, and teamwork. I encourage our Hospital Team to add their voice to yours, so together we can continue to provide high-quality care for you: our family, friends, and neighbours.


Partnership is key to our community’s health and to healthcare quality. By collaborating with patients, families, social, political, and cultural agencies and others, such as emergency first response, retail, recreation and education, we can generate better ideas and solutions. The value of partnership is also evident in our community’s remarkable generosity. Corporate and private donors have added to our Volunteers, Auxiliary, and Foundation’s successes in providing equipment and education to enable continued excellence in care. Thank you! I am grateful for our existing partnerships and plan to continue creating new ones within and beyond healthcare.


As we continue to evolve our healthcare system, I am committed to stay focused on quality, collaboration, and careful financial stewardship in a climate of respect, kindness, generosity and creative thinking.


I invite you to learn more about your Care Team, and what you can expect from us at the Patients and Family Centre.



Thank you for your trust and confidence.



 Sue LeBeau

 Sue LeBeau
President and CEO